About Us


Paul Antonio Jr – Managing Partner

Suffering from personal injury due to accidents can be a life changing experience. Compensation can help you make your life a little comfortable and secured.

We, at New Mexico Auto Accident Attorneys, understand what you have to go through; so, we help you to get your rights and move on with your life. We are a law firm in the state of New Mexico, specializing in auto accidents. We can help you to get the right medical care, rehabilitation and support that you and your family needs.

Every year we help many people to make successful claims after an accident. We have the expertise to fight for you and protect your best interests. We give every effort to achieve a positive outcome for you and your family. We are experienced attorneys familiar with the legal process. The process of claiming compensation is much easier with us and the chance of winning the case is also high.

With us, you won’t need to worry about the solicitors’ fees. We practice ‘No Win No Fee’ basis of payment. That means, you will not pay us unless we win the case. We will charge a percentage of the money you get from settlements. Contact us for an expert advice today!