3 reasons why you should hire a ‘No Win No Fee’ lawyer


If you suffer from an injury due to someone else’s negligence then you are entitled to file a claim for compensation. For this you need to hire a lawyer. Most lawyers now offer the ‘No Win No Fee’ scheme. It is basically an agreement between you and your personal injury lawyer that if you don’t win the case then you will not pay the lawyer for his or her service. Here are the reasons why you should hire a ‘No Win No Fee lawyer.

Reason #1

The cost of filing a case and going through all the proceedings can be expensive. Because of your injury you are already incurring a lot of costs for your medical treatment. You are also losing your wagers for not being able to go to work. As a result it is hard for you to arrange money to pay your lawyer. But this must not deter you from claiming your right. You have all the right to claim your compensation. The ‘No Win No Fee scheme allows you to do that. In this kind of set up you don’t need to pay anything upfront.

Reason #2

Because of your injuries your expenses are getting higher. After paying the legal fees if you lose the case then you will be devastated. The legal fees are huge and you would lose a lot of money on a legal fight. In the ‘No Win No Fee claim you don’t have to pay the lawyer if you lose. So, you don’t have any financial risk.

Reason #3

Even after you win the case, the solicitors will recover part of their fees from the other party’s insurance company and the rest from a certain percentage of the compensation you receive. The percentage is agreed by both the lawyer and the injured person before filing the case. So, you don’t have to pay anything from your pocket.

A ‘No Win No Fee agreement has increased the percentage of injured people claiming for their compensation. It has given them confidence and hope of a better life.


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